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SEM / SEO specialist

Received certifications:
Professionalism and efficiency that have always distinguished me and the high standard of services which it offers are certified and recognized the major associations of Search Engine Marketing & Web Advertising.

How SEO specialist, providing services for the Promotion Web sites on the Internet, for web sites owners: the drafting of texts, to the architecture of the site tips, support for the identification of relevant directories for your business, which report website.

The SEO specialist deals with Optimize and Place the website in search engines and directories. Through the selection of keywords produces the indexing activities, increasing the visibility of the site in S.E.R.P.s (Search Engine Result Pages). It also takes care to monitor and consolidate the results achieved for the Promotion Web sites on the Internet.

Member of:

SEMPO – Search Engine Marketing Professional – Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization – Individual Member
International Association of Search Engine Marketing that brings together the main companies and professionals in the industry, certifies me as Individual Member.

Web Analytics Association (WAA) – WAA Professional – Web Analytics Association – WAA Professional
international association for companies that provide professional services for data analysis, certifies me as WAA Professional.

Google Advertising Professional
Web marketing manager, in Italy, SEM specialist, dedicated in managing CPC campaigns (Pay Per Click), for the Promotion Web sites on the Internet, successfully obtained the certification: “Google Advertising Professional” in Keyword Advertising. Certified Google Advertising Professional, has been released by Google itself, to identify the level of experience, planning and optimized management of CPC campaigns (Pay Per Click) with Google AdWords. Adwords Qualified Professional certification is a confirmation of professionalism and commitment to updating and searching to always get the best results and maximum profits for its customers for the Promotion Web sites on the Internet.

Web Marketing Manager – SEM / SEO specialist. I provide advice for the search engines, as search engine optimization specialist, and I take care of the phases of: Placement in Search Engines, Optimization and indexing of websites.

For some, mistakenly, the profession is to learn a variety of tricks and techniques to support the promotion Web sites on the Internet. This situation is not very rosy prepared the ground for the advent of Google. It would be possible to restrict to this, if the operational rules of the search engines were unchanged in time for the Promotion Web sites on the Internet.

For a search engine optimization specialist, it is not enough to know and experience tricks to fool the search engines, but it is fundamental for him to be able to understand the logic and therefore the algorithms applied by search engines, the operation of which is not elementary.

Please, before contacting me, think of a budget to be allocated to SEO / SEM activities, and struggled a bit ‘to have a clear idea of ​​what would you create online. I thank you in advance and I am sure we will optimize both the Ns. resources and Ns. time at best.

Business consultant, SEO specialist, and SEM Manager, specializing in the areas of Web Marketing and Advertising Online for the Promotion of Internet sites on search engines.

If you think you need to have a true professional SEO, you can contact me by clicking on the following e-mail: Or fill out the form at the top.

We use the term SEO specialist, when it refers to the actions that a trader undertakes to facilitate the ascent of a website in the rankings of search engines. Or: Search Engine Optimizer specialist, for the person.
SEO Web Marketing Manager.

The term Search Engine Optimization specialist, often abbreviated with the acronym SEO, indicates the set of activities carried out to improve the positioning of a website in search engines in the results provided by the various search engines. The optimization of site activity to improve its visibility on the Internet involves many different skills, so that, often, one of the SEO is a true professional who deals independently of all phases and the critical factors for the promotion Web sites on the Internet.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist
A serious consultant for the Promotion Web sites on the Internet, will create a site “targettizato”, compared to the subject, which has a large amount of relevant content, and that it is continually updated. The Search Engine Optimization specialist, will build a series of reciprocal links with sites relating the subject matter in order to provide the user the ability to navigate on the subject without having to constantly resort to Search Engine.

But the prerogatives of a good SEO are also formed by the collection of information from the web and from the classification of all documents for the Promotion Web sites on the Internet, through the various algorithms to determine the relevance of each document or Internet site to Optimize Search Engine Optimization. Not all actions of the Search Engine Optimization specialist get results to build an effective campaign in the Search Engines.

To achieve the successful campaign for the promotion of Internet sites, the SEO specialist will involve various activities and various subjects, for this reason the business of positioning in search engines, it also requires a lot of time after the first phase of optimization; We must constantly monitor the search engines, test results, and expand the country with the addition of new products. The search engine optimization specialist must possess the ability to see various sites in perspective.

If you do not invest resources, time and do not employ the right people, Promotion Web sites on the Internet, it is almost certain that your website will never reach the desired results in the Search Engines. The activity of the search engine optimization specialist is closely connected with the Marketing department and the sales department of the company.

Web Marketing Specialist
Here is the map of the Italian SEO, Web Marketing Manager and Web Agency divided into regions, provinces and cities.


SEO Pescara
SEO L’Aquila
SEO Chieti
SEO Teramo
SEO Montesilvano
SEO Avezzano
SEO Vasto
SEO Lanciano
SEO Sulmona
SEO Roseto degli Abruzzi
SEO Ortona
SEO Francavilla al Mare
SEO Giulianova
SEO Spoltore

SEO Potenza
SEO Matera
SEO Pisticci
SEO Melfi
SEO Policoro
SEO Lavello
SEO Lauria
SEO Rionero in Vulture
SEO Bernalda
SEO Venosa
SEO Avigliano
SEO Montescaglioso

SEO Catanzaro
SEO Cosenza
SEO Crotone
SEO Reggio Calabria
SEO Vibo Valentia
SEO Soverato
SEO Tropea

SEO Napoli
SEO Salerno
SEO Giugliano in Campania
SEO Torre del Greco
SEO Pozzuoli
SEO Casoria
SEO Caserta
SEO Castellammare di Stabia
SEO Benevento
SEO Afragola
SEO Portici
SEO Avellino

Emilia Romagna
SEO Bologna
SEO Ferrara
SEO Forli’ – Cesena
SEO Modena
SEO Parma
SEO Piacenza
SEO Ravenna
SEO Reggio Emilia
SEO Rimini
SEO Riccione
SEO Cattolica
SEO Misano Adriatico
SEO Milano Marittima

Friuli Venezia Giulia
SEO Trieste
SEO Udine
SEO Pordenone
SEO Gorizia
SEO Monfalcone
SEO Sacile
SEO Cordenons
SEO Codroipo
SEO Porcia
SEO Azzano Decimo
SEO San Vito al Tagliamento
SEO Tavagnacco
SEO Muggia
SEO Latisana
SEO Cervignano del Friuli
SEO Ronchi dei Legionari
SEO Spilimbergo
SEO Maniago
SEO Cividale del Friuli
SEO Gemona del Friuli
SEO Fiume Veneto
SEO Fontanafredda
SEO Tolmezzo

SEO Roma
SEO Latina
SEO Guidonia Montecelio
SEO Aprilia
SEO Fiumicino
SEO Viterbo
SEO Pomezia
SEO Tivoli
SEO Civitavecchia
SEO Velletri
SEO Anzio
SEO Frosinone
SEO Rieti
SEO Terracina
SEO Nettuno

SEO Genova
SEO La Spezia
SEO Savona
SEO Sanremo
SEO Imperia
SEO Rapallo
SEO Chiavari
SEO Ventimiglia
SEO Albenga
SEO Sarzana

SEO Milano
SEO Brescia
SEO Monza e Brianza
SEO Bergamo
SEO Como
SEO Varese
SEO Sesto San Giovanni
SEO Busto Arsizio
SEO Cremona
SEO Lecco
SEO Lodi
SEO Mantova
SEO Pavia
SEO Sondrio

SEO Ancona
SEO Ascoli Piceno
SEO Fermo
SEO Macerata
SEO Pesaro e Urbino

SEO Campobasso
SEO Isernia

SEO Torino
SEO Novara
SEO Alessandria
SEO Asti
SEO Moncalieri
SEO Cuneo
SEO Rivoli
SEO Collegno
SEO Vercelli
SEO Settimo Torinese
SEO Biella
SEO Verbano Cusio Ossola

SEO Bari
SEO Taranto
SEO Foggia
SEO Andria
SEO Barletta-Andria-Trani
SEO Lecce
SEO Brindisi
SEO Altamura
SEO Molfetta
SEO Cerignola

SEO Cagliari
SEO Carbonia-Iglesias
SEO Medio Campidano
SEO Nuoro
SEO Ogliastra
SEO Olbia-Tempio
SEO Oristano
SEO Sassari

SEO Agrigento
SEO Caltanissetta
SEO Catania
SEO Enna
SEO Messina
SEO Palermo
SEO Ragusa
SEO Siracusa
SEO Trapani

SEO Firenze
SEO Prato
SEO Livorno
SEO Arezzo
SEO Pistoia
SEO Pisa
SEO Lucca
SEO Grosseto
SEO Massa-Carrara
SEO Viareggio
SEO Siena
SEO Scandicci
SEO Sesto Fiorentino
SEO Empoli
SEO Capannori
SEO Cascina
SEO Campi Bisenzio
SEO Piombino
SEO Rosignano Marittimo
SEO San Giuliano Terme
SEO Camaiore

Trentino Alto Adige
SEO Bolzano
SEO Trento

SEO Perugia
SEO Terni
SEO Foligno
SEO Città di Castello
SEO Spoleto
SEO Gubbio
SEO Assisi
SEO Orvieto
SEO Bastia Umbra
SEO Narni

Valle d’Aosta
SEO Aosta
SEO Chàtillon
SEO Pont-Saint-Martin
SEO Quart
SEO Saint-Vincent
SEO Sarre

SEO Venezia
SEO Mestre
SEO Verona
SEO Padova
SEO Vicenza
SEO Treviso
SEO Chioggia
SEO Rovigo
SEO Belluno
SEO Bassano del Grappa
SEO Schio
SEO San Dona’ di Piave

Italian SEO

Search Engine & Web Marketing Specialist
Promotion Web sites on the Internet? You did not find the person in charge of Placement in Search Engines you were looking for? Contact me, and I will try to alert you a good professional for your company who is willing to give you personal advice, directly from the farm.

Must, for a SEO, learn about market trends, especially those operating in off-line, but not only, will engage and relate to sales people to correctly identify the Keywords to bet on, and take into account all observations by the technical staff.

Some SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization specialist) were applied on my personal website for: dj where you can see the most used and preferred by me.

For anyone wishing to contact me for advice SEO / SEM can do it at this email:
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I am willing to consider proposals for cooperation with SEM and SEO agencies, but also in project partnerships with companies that do not want to rely on a SEM agency and / or SEO agency.

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